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Archive for December 2008

Identities We Use Can Use Us, re: ‘Warrior’

December 23, 2008

Popularized frames of references like ‘warrior’ tend to trick us into their systems, and then we don’t get to truly share our original intention–to right alleged wrongs and so on.

Creative Contention from an Indian child labor rights’ group perspective

December 19, 2008

They did not merely want to meet officials in their offices and hand over petitions, which would just be thrown into the waste basket. They also did not want to go on the confrontation mode, as this would breed antagonism, so they decided to devise another scheme.

Dialogue with anarchists from Indymedia

December 15, 2008

(..)Circle-a said: But what I don’t want to hear is talk about your “pretty nice car.” That car is not only detrimental to the environment and to the every day social interactions among people, it was also built from the labor of those who most likely can’t even afford to own one. — This is […]

the Visionary Report: Superficiality of Peace Practice and Homeless Challenge

December 15, 2008

Going out of our way to reach each others’ hearts in these icey times, the author explores, from actual informal, anti-authoritarian practice, a few ways that the peace-loving should think through in order to put their claims of caring about humanity and its challenges into actual practice, and not merely let or wait for “authority” to act…thus building up meaningful angles on “re-village-ing”.