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Archive for January 2011

Let’s think through the Zeitgeist Movement: Is democracy an illusion? (and other interesting provocations)

January 28, 2011

You’ve seen the film, now let’s think through the movement: the Zeitgeist Movement. A science-based motion for world change and alleged evolution. What would Theodore Roszak and Paul Feyerabend say to such? How about Aldous Huxley? Who will monitor the social engineers?? This portion focuses on the interesting topic of the illusion of democracy, with germs of truth that are quite deep; the question is, is there more than a germ of truth here?

artiNg ourseLves for humanity’s bests!

January 26, 2011

Dis visionary creative direct-actionist has been informally artin’ himseLf x-country (and far outside o’ da art corrall) since at least 2003, with escalating angles of a form of confrontational nonviolence he calls “da crucial arts” –not Martial Arts. He shares some goOd sPirit of late, speaking about the value of injecting our “bests” (as a process) into the seeming impossibility of “it all.”

challenging Craig Rosenbraugh’s position against nonviolence

January 19, 2011

Reading over Craig Rosenbraugh’s book “The Logic of Political Violence” while visiting the Red and Black cafe’s library tonight brought me to recall several situations that he somehow missed. Including the reality about *when* nonviolence works, and which kinds of nonviolence.

De-corralling our Art dept: an enchant’d art show in the woods

January 14, 2011

an artist experiments with his intuition in a coastal forest and has pretty neat gifts to share with those willing to take the time

Martial challengers aikido’d in rural MN town

January 3, 2011

Youth being programmed towards war (at home) inspired beyond tired old stupidity, in rural MN town.