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Archive for June 2011

A sharing from an Unknown becoming listened to: Yakama notions and experiences

June 21, 2011

HonoriNg traditional indigenous consciousness (we are ALL descendants of such, and we ALL have such spirit within us, usually privately kept and self-censored)! A-Ho! (And, yes, i’m willing to experience the possible challenging consequences for daring to speaque this kind of HEART from a place allegedly as “inappropriate” (unauthorized) as i speaque from!!!!

cycling thru Fear planted in me

June 20, 2011

It’s that time again, time to “cycle” through the Fear, Inc. planted in me, and see what gifts lay behind! Been out on the road some 3 1/2 months now..tho just a few weeks out of Pdx. Headed intuitively in the rite direction, for going to the Rainbow Gath ering…tho the SNOW..the SNOW and the […]