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Archive for June 2012

Mysterious, ghosty photos!

June 21, 2012

Digital photographs reveal strange phenomena in various climes, from dry (inside a home) to wet (in the woods in various locales).


Check out more art and video on my alt visionary blog

June 21, 2012

Yeah, i should probably combine that one with this…but, i have my reasons. Anyway, take a look at these videos, which i uploaded from my tribe.net page (who knows when they’re going to go offline…): http://visionary4humanity.wordpress.com/2009/03/14/crucial-videos-and-some-commentary/

some visionaries worth mentioning

June 20, 2012

Check these folks out! “Oshki Camp Commercial” : Redneck confronts camp (video from: https://ogitchidasociety.wordpress.com/ ) The Human Revolution’s music page; lots of partial “organic country” songs to get a feeling of this quite excellent group (i highly recommend their “Breathe” album, but haven’t heard the more recent ones) : http://www.thehumanrevolution.org/music/ Paul Koatheimer, a good acquaintance, […]

a spirit speaques to those who might be able to listen

June 8, 2012

wondering what it’s all about? Try reading two excelling sources: Adam J. Barker in his thesis on colonial canada (the section on “colonial and noncolonial settlers”) and: unsettlingamerica.wordpress.com !