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February 25, 2014

Don’t take my wingnutty, “paranoid” view nakedly (heh), consider the following: “Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin, a PR firm known for its monitoring and infiltration of activist groups, claim to use a classic divide and rule strategy when working against grassroots campaigns. MB&D characterise activists as belonging to one of four categories: ‘radicals’, ‘opportunists’, ‘idealists’ and […]

A response to Everyone Calls Themselves An Ally Until It Is Time To Do Some Real Ally Shit

February 13, 2014

If, on the other hand, the approach was more about MUTUAL liberation, where unsettling settler people were able to be viewed as FELLOW champions of our mutual desires….

Thinking about how fascism develops, quotes from The Great Transformation

February 13, 2014

The Great Transformation by Karl Polanyi ; 1944, 1957Pages 237-245 Apparently K. Polanyi is a conservative thinker. And yet there are some powerful insights to be found here, insights that seem to be sometimes independent of ideology to only one side of thinking, especially when it comes to capitalism! Especially interesting, I think, for those […]