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Archive for May 2016

Issue #1 and 2: Da DariNg visionary, a zine of evolutionary methodologies

May 20, 2016

Check this out, TWO entire issues in full. i’ve sold them well on the street, so now it’s about time to pass it around as widely as possible. Note, it’s Anti-copyright! (Do you know what anti-copyright means?) (below is one page from issue #2, for a sample of what is being discussed!) Note: When you […]

Comments on Derrick Jensen, re: Earth At Risk Conference

May 20, 2016

Some comments about what Derrick Jensen said in the 2014 ‘Earth At Risk’ conference. There were two other speakers, Stephanie McMillan and Charles Derber (i loved Derber when he said this: “Social norms are created by ruling elites” and how they are systematically “reducing and attacking the commons”), but i want to focus only on […]

Some comments on Chris Hedges ‘Wages of Rebellion’ speech

May 17, 2016

A bit old, but not having very good access to the internet these days, normally, I get to rely on happening to watch LinkTV on television wherever i happen to see it (i don’t have a TV). The Chris Hedges is quoting, according to the narrator, from his book Wages of Rebellion. First, Chris Hedges […]