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Archive for May 2011

ACLU letter and my response, plus a weird intro

May 18, 2011

You will certainly see me as a crank. That is the only possible, “rational” way to see me. You cannot listen, but I’ll waste my breath anyways. Note that i am homeless. i live on the edge in a woods near you. A few nights ago, the cops seemed to be combing the woods, looking […]

Input sought for caption on art

May 13, 2011

i need a caption for some art i’m working on…care to share your ideas??

Mobile Mess Art Gallery and Visionaries Visit KBOO to Inspire Folks

May 13, 2011

tHe Pink-Panted One (a local leading visionary) and A.Visionary spontaneously hook up, picnic, and gift a little of their springy exuberance to KBOO passerby, during a lovely Thursday afternoon.

Re-post from a fellow visioneer: remain divided, see if THEY care!

May 10, 2011

Following text from my visioneer friend, who posted recently at a pro-madness project called “the Icarus Project” (www.theicarusproject.net) : There are loads of ways you can remain divided…and conquered. Parades of enemies are constantly trotted out just for your misery. Misery does love company! So when i stumbled across this interesting anecdote for all the […]

Artists on their Leashes Dept: Pros and cons of visionary sharing: who and when?

May 10, 2011

we all want to be “recognized” (uh..re-cog-nized??), we all want to feel like we’re doing something crucial, and get pats on the back, socially. But are we REALLY looking at the choices we’re making when it comes to having ANY kind of contact with corporate mindlock? (Oh, sure, their reps are very very nice, even good folks, but what we never see are those who tool them