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Archive for September 2010

Further piece in the ‘comix response to cop killing of gay man’

September 7, 2010

I posted a “comix response” to a killing of a gay man by a cop on nyc.indymedia and this is some art that I think needs to be seen as well, to add to that piece.

new visionary comix zine now available: radical’s radical silliness and D’Myst’Fy t.v. with surprise ending!

September 4, 2010

A new hand-made, self-published radical’s radical comix series shows itself in a new series called “D’Myst’Fy t.v.” via “Pleasure Power Comix”. Approximately 20 pages long, full of original, “beneath the underground” art(e) and depth not found in 99.9 % of comix today!

Masked Racism on CBC’s “Afghanistan” radio show

September 4, 2010

Art(e) response to a recent blatantly racist CBC radio propaganda broadcast, sheds light to realities. First page that is part of a new comix series called “D’Myst’Fy t.v. (hopefully to include video as well in time!)