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Dialogue with anarchists from Indymedia

(..)Circle-a said:
But what I don’t want to hear is talk about your “pretty nice car.” That car is not only detrimental to the environment and to the every day social interactions among people, it was also built from the labor of those who most likely can’t even afford to own one.

This is another reason why more openly oppressed people don’t join up with anarchists. Who amongst those truly oppressed wants to “fight for” more oppression? That is, in this case, more guilt-trips, without real alternatives spoken and shown as real in the real world. So many “anarchists” are like little authoritarians themselves! They rail about how bad things are, but where are they leading by excelling examples?

Sure, they talk about history–i.e. Spain–but what are they really doing today besides trying to sell books or keep their communes from going under?

Don’t get me wrong, I think anarchist critique is way ahead of the game. I agree with anarchist critique. I just don’t see the alternatives very inspiring. And I don’t agree with the Us vs Them rigidity. (And I think that’s why a lot of people who are openly oppressed steer clear: they want to get along. They know they can’t “win” against the System; they want peace and to be left alone, by and large. And any time they stand out in direct opposition to that System, they get the worst end of the shit! Whites have the *privilege* to be able to still take such an Us vs Them approach, but non-Whites do not, and there’s a long history of this truth!)

The reason APOC exists, as far as I can tell, is because anarchism, and in fact many social justice movements (like the animal rights and environmental movements) have been largely white. The reason is simple: white people have never been oppressed.

I think a distinction needs to be made here. That’s where I use the terminology “openly” versus “privately” oppressed. White folks are privately oppressed, in general. Unless they’re homeless or appear to fit into various other stereotypes that Society is making war against. White folks are also coercively indoctrinated into The Way Things Is, it’s just a more private way of attack. I.e. via cammo’d ways like “you don’t fit in appropriately”, or “you have an obvious mental abnormality.”

It’s a different kind of oppression, and seemingly not as pressing. But if you’re atomized and believing you’re alone, the intensity is similar. And we who want to see solutions ought to be looking at our similarities and commonalties, more than our differences, I think.

And yet another problem with anarchism today is that there is an unspoken need to perpetuate dualities, in order to mobilize folks.

Comments welcome!

(note: A. Visionary is a “spanarchist”, which means seeing the value of “spanning” across *all* ways of relating –including those thought not to “exist”– while looking for value, and bringing that out and focusing on such, in a kind of evolutionary way of “radical empathy” and solidarity with informal humanity–in the context of realizing that most people are uncritically trusting products of their diverse programming)


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