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Archive for August 2008

some ideas, an action, and a vision

August 29, 2008

Posted at the portland.indymedia.org site: Homeless and etc. are allies others will exploitMan holding up line in grocery storeFlailing man on HawthorneAn orrior-style actions Homeless are allies others will exploitIf we don’t reach out to each other in radically excellent ways, we may find that those seemingly powerless (or so-called “worthless”) now could be manipulated […]

images to share

August 16, 2008

An angle of approach to inspiring creative folks’ imaginations: A possible cover for one of my visionary angles of approach: This early 20th Century (?) picture below show how big Old Growth trees can get. I include them here for those possibly interested in designing a hot air balloon that looks “just like” an Old […]

Three Visionary Challenges to Challengers

August 15, 2008

The following all posted recently on these various indymedia sites. re: Seattle indy media poster, angry rant/spell/letter to prison guards:http://seattle.indymedia.org/en/2008/08/268278.shtml Be angry, yet exercise [and practice] with your intelligence towards the ends you truly want to have in this world. It is easy to be tooled by always-war-mentality. The prison guards, like all others who […]