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Art sho(w) as self-defense!

February 18, 2012

a houseless person finds a way to render would-be flailers into tickled art viewers


Art(e) honoring indigenous spirit–from Arcata Occupy

December 24, 2011

a shout-out to the unsettling america folks via some art i did at Occupy HSU–Arcata, CA

A sharing from an Unknown becoming listened to: Yakama notions and experiences

June 21, 2011

HonoriNg traditional indigenous consciousness (we are ALL descendants of such, and we ALL have such spirit within us, usually privately kept and self-censored)! A-Ho! (And, yes, i’m willing to experience the possible challenging consequences for daring to speaque this kind of HEART from a place allegedly as “inappropriate” (unauthorized) as i speaque from!!!!

pictures from actions around Orygone

February 21, 2011

several pictures of “cruciaL aRtz” regalia from actions around da city

Shout Out to Waziyatawin and Dakota traditionals

February 17, 2011

A SHOUT-OUT goez to organic humanity via a crucial honoring to the Onkwehonwe people’s traditionaL Great Spirit, via two cruciaL aRtz “depth charges”. One in the form of an illustration for a local Orygun newspaper, the other a self-published ‘zine taking on some of the issues raised by a leading Onkwehonwe voice known as Waziyatawin.

artiNg ourseLves for humanity’s bests!

January 26, 2011

Dis visionary creative direct-actionist has been informally artin’ himseLf x-country (and far outside o’ da art corrall) since at least 2003, with escalating angles of a form of confrontational nonviolence he calls “da crucial arts” –not Martial Arts. He shares some goOd sPirit of late, speaking about the value of injecting our “bests” (as a process) into the seeming impossibility of “it all.”

Vague rules, re: ‘free speech’ keep the ‘sheeple’ in check –with insights to Settler realities

August 13, 2010

A visionary artist, touring with his art through various back-road Indian Rez-border towns and other locales, shares his experiences, re: the realities of Settler existences in the context of alleged ‘free speech’ and the over-arching claim of our “freedom”.

Foolish intuitive still at it, despite fears planted Left and Right!

June 17, 2010

a visionary continues to sustain his intuitive efforts despite warnings and fears planted in him by typical racist-type border mentalities, in this case, the normalized mentalities found between ‘Indian Rez’ and ‘White folks corral’.

some ideas, an action, and a vision

August 29, 2008

Posted at the portland.indymedia.org site: Homeless and etc. are allies others will exploitMan holding up line in grocery storeFlailing man on HawthorneAn orrior-style actions Homeless are allies others will exploitIf we don’t reach out to each other in radically excellent ways, we may find that those seemingly powerless (or so-called “worthless”) now could be manipulated […]