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Art sho(w) as self-defense!

February 18, 2012

a houseless person finds a way to render would-be flailers into tickled art viewers

the Visionary Report: Superficiality of Peace Practice and Homeless Challenge

December 15, 2008

Going out of our way to reach each others’ hearts in these icey times, the author explores, from actual informal, anti-authoritarian practice, a few ways that the peace-loving should think through in order to put their claims of caring about humanity and its challenges into actual practice, and not merely let or wait for “authority” to act…thus building up meaningful angles on “re-village-ing”.

some ideas, an action, and a vision

August 29, 2008

Posted at the portland.indymedia.org site: Homeless and etc. are allies others will exploitMan holding up line in grocery storeFlailing man on HawthorneAn orrior-style actions Homeless are allies others will exploitIf we don’t reach out to each other in radically excellent ways, we may find that those seemingly powerless (or so-called “worthless”) now could be manipulated […]