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Identities We Use Can Use Us, re: ‘Warrior’

Initially, i made the following as a reply to people discussing response methods like “the political” discuss political response methods. As if there were only two choices!

And i found myself launching into a chance to share another possible paradigm. The paradigm of self-creation and giving ourselves permission.

i began with:

How smart are YOU? DO YOU THINK you have enough intelligence to be of value? 

((Editor’s Note: What do you think of this? Maybe a little too inebriated/surreal of me? Heh))

i think you likely do, even if it’s something you don’t yourself like very much or something. 

It is in this line of thinking that i propose the following: 
Exploring beyond Given frames of reference. 
I tend to see value in thinking the words we take up uncritically more critically. That’s why i wish to challenge you to explore further on this frame of reference called “warrior.” 

When one uses such a term, they are automatically put into a category that has been popularized, like it or not. 
And then they don’t get to put their own input into that system. Because the word(s) they uncritically pick kind of trick them. That is, the more “heavy” the politics of those terms are, the “heavier” weight one will have to deal with, and thus your voice will be squelched. 

i don’t think you want that, really. i think you turn to “warrior” ideas in order to solve a problem or something like that, right? But then you find yourself in a situation where you HAVE TO subordinate your individuality. 

At this juncture is where i’ve given myself permission to make a slight paradigm shift. On the word “warrior.” And attempt to go beyond “war” by creating another term…that i dare to wear: 

OR-rior (hint: rhymes with WAR-rior). 

And here gifts my chance to articulate what i mean. Because, initially, folks will want to know what i mean; especially when i intervene in the WEIRD WILD wayz that i speak. Creative, confrontational nonviolence of a most surprising kind.


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