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Slick new books Tell Us To Look Down on Indigenous cultures; with rebuttals

March 14, 2014

Check this out, first: http://www.survivalinternational.org/news/8980 VERY IMPORTANT read, and GOOD for passing around through your networks! *(note: um, a little roughly written, sorry about that! Needs editing when i have the time!)* Comments on the article: Same Old Again, Inc. doing its work…i figure. Question is, who funds these widely-circulated anti-Indigenous books, and how is […]

Survival international and our commonalities!

March 14, 2014

In response to: http://www.survivalinternational.org/tribes They show a map where the last freely living peoples reside. This is powerful truth. And yet, what about all the rest of us? Are not each generation of young people, throughout so-called “civilization” tribal peoples not allowed to follow their intuitive tribal truths and desires? To say this is to […]

aikido the Against planted in us! re: whiteknights vs PC (?) womyn standing UP!

March 14, 2014

Posting this here because i see that an older reply of mine is “still awaiting moderation”…. In reply to: https://unsettlingsettlers.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/you-are-a-star-white-indigenous-solidarity-activist-if/ GreeeeetiNgz! To all the grandmother people, i send this in all the directions! May the reflections i send out come back at me full force!!!! Regarding the men who “take over” “normal” meeting space, self-imposed […]