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Archive for February 2011

Short Film about da CruciaL aRts from another blog

February 21, 2011

Link given to a short film made with a friend about “da cruciaL aRts”

pictures from actions around Orygone

February 21, 2011

several pictures of “cruciaL aRtz” regalia from actions around da city

Shout Out to Waziyatawin and Dakota traditionals

February 17, 2011

A SHOUT-OUT goez to organic humanity via a crucial honoring to the Onkwehonwe people’s traditionaL Great Spirit, via two cruciaL aRtz “depth charges”. One in the form of an illustration for a local Orygun newspaper, the other a self-published ‘zine taking on some of the issues raised by a leading Onkwehonwe voice known as Waziyatawin.

summary of posts for 2007-June, 2010

February 14, 2011

a summary, in html and some text about actions, ideahz, and navel-gazing i did since my first post in 2007, up to June, 2010.