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Archive for January 2009

what i’ve been feeling of late…

January 23, 2009

as i transcend from “…” to “….” and “…..”, i’ve been going through some pretty challenging stuff. And quite solopathic-ly; sure, alleged “spirits” send imagination into my consciousness….yet they are not human…enough….. Then i think of grandparents, and i’m lucky to have known them as closely as i did. And i thank feelings and memories […]

our evolution is when we want to see our radical commonalities!

January 12, 2009

Provocatively covers a smigeon of truths to reveal perhaps the biggest way we can immediately progress towards our powers as human beings who care. In a kind of society which perpetuates severe alienation and war, this is supposed to become fraught with obstacles… Now, whether you feel completely run over by the current of today’s angle on keeping us divided away from our creative intelligence (perhaps the main part of our power?), or are relatively new to the experience, this anonymous visionary sheds light where apparently too few others have been shining such. Touched on are cops and “struggling” musicians.