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some more art: a future bike idea?

October 17, 2018


the apparently forgotten power of nonviolence: an initial response to Gelderloos’ ‘Failure of Nonviolence’

March 25, 2018

No copyright I don’t know why so few have seemed to discuss this topic, but I wish to write about the power of nonviolence in a way that ought to be brought up before everyone appears to assume the worst is “the only way”<strong> thru our building difficulties. Not pacifist nonviolence, but “confrontational” nonviolence!!</strong> First […]

Some excellent ideas to jujitsu neocolonialism planted in all!

February 2, 2018

via Defining and Invigorating Scottish Gaelic Identity in the Modern World Really like the author’s ideas on this one, escaping the trap of nationalist and reductionist identities and embracing hybrid approaches to our ancient ancestral power abilities!

2017 Orygone Rainbow Gathering –comments on AGROS, etc.

February 1, 2018

Am finally “getting to” putting this up where it should have been about 6 months ago! At that time I was having trouble even logging in to this blog, and so a friend was kind enough to post it on their blog for me in the meanwhile! ( link to unsettling subtle settler unsettlers blog ) […]

a definition of “radical” (i.e. realize the value of being radically excellent with each other!)

January 31, 2018

My side/understanding is that “radical” means “to go to the root”. To then be a “radical’s radical” is to go “to the root” of the root! Or “the” HEART. Thus, in terms of institutional analysis or articulating “resistance consciousness” the idea is to go deeper than the quite easily obtainable ideologically- and strategically-challenged (i.e. in […]

the power of confrontational nonviolence

January 15, 2018

The following comes from one of my other visionary websites, and is shared in order to possibly inspire other creative people who might DARE to “art themselves” deeper than expected.  Note that this tact is not “pacifist” nonviolence; i insist that there should be a distinction between the two: pacifist vs non-pacifist/confrontational (not going silently).  […]

indepth solidarity with the anti-sexual-violence community

January 13, 2018

a challenge to critical thinkers who don’t think through their own neocolonial imprinting

bewildered by their intensity? it’s called propaganda: new comix story exposes truths

February 23, 2017

Okay, so this is all rough art, not finished. i’ve actually finished the art, cleared up all the roughage and such, and am selling it/bartering it to people locally. i’m open to trying that on the internet, as well, but for now, i’m just putting this stuff out there. Perhaps someone can be aided by […]

introducing FEISTY COMIX

February 15, 2017

A little “pet project” i was doing for awhile. Might start something bigger one of these days, along the lines this comix story touches on! Oh YEAH! “ARM YOUR DESIRES!” First story touches on “hunting haters” with a demystification g’uN! (art is anti-copyright, feel free to pass around globally!)

unsung hero of musical margins

February 15, 2017

Meet Electric Ed, a.k.a. “Eddie Haskell”, a libertarian musician of some repute. i did the art below for one of this elder man’s CDs but he never used it (as far as i know). He’s a real “low key” type of character, now in his 60s. i met him while living off-grid, freely, about 15 […]