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Archive for November 2013

A zine of old and semi-new art work and sentiment

November 25, 2013

via this link: visionaryzine1copy (a pdf opens in a new page) Did it work? Ah, i see!! Simply click on the link, and a pdf version SHOULD show up, eventually, depending on how fast your connection is!!!! Enjoy! Lots of artwork here! Plus lots of deep thinking for those who DARE! (hopefully you can see […]

Ways in which gladio/cointel seem to be engaging me so far…and ways through

November 11, 2013

Thought i ought to post this, for “the record”, and following Brian Glick’s suggestions (a good outline for ways to deal with challenges, and yet not ‘foolproof’, of course). While i am engaged in confrontational nonviolent tactics to challenge severe alienation and Misery Loves Company, Inc. (a poetic metaphor) i am under no illusion that […]