da Visionary Report
join us for evolutions of radical's radical sanity in process! (to go to the root of the root, a.k.a. the HEART!)

Issue #1 and 2: Da DariNg visionary, a zine of evolutionary methodologies

Check this out, TWO entire issues in full. i’ve sold them well on the street, so now it’s about time to pass it around as widely as possible. Note, it’s Anti-copyright! (Do you know what anti-copyright means?)

(below is one page from issue #2, for a sample of what is being discussed!)


Note: When you click on the links below you SHOULD be able to open up the pdfs and then scroll down to each page and view at least 30 pages worth of art and writing in each issue!

Issue 2 is FULL COLOR!!

If you really like this art and these ideas, i would appreciate some sort of TRADE from you to show your happiness. Originally i sold these zines for $5 (tho they were all in black and white). If you want to print them out, feel free. Pass as many copies as you want around!



There is a 3rd issue, but i don’t want to pass it around online yet.


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