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cycling thru Fear planted in me

It’s that time again, time to “cycle” through the Fear, Inc. planted in me, and see what gifts lay behind!

Been out on the road some 3 1/2 months now..tho just a few weeks out of Pdx. Headed intuitively in the rite direction, for going to the Rainbow Gath ering…tho the SNOW..the SNOW and the WIND, well, have brought me much too far west now, to go!! Oh no!!

Wow, but i have some pictures! And some quite deep depth experiences! Rode uphill towards Trout Lake, WA and then up by Bird Creek Meadows (closed til July, tho); camped by the Yakama Rez 2 nights up thar, and, damng, got some spirit u ality, i did!! All kinds of notes to share soon, but time allotted rite now is not enough; such just a run-down.

My visionary juices are flowing tho now! After all the wild ridin’ up thar by Adams Volcano! i’ll be sure to give y’all a buncha stuff to chew on.

Rite now i just want to say that i left multiple gifts in a certain area (including at least three peices of original art, one color) up that way. i only told one person so far, and until i share with others in the next few days, i’m gonna keep it “secret”!

Kudos to Len and Mystic One for their comments. i WISH it was easier to post comments…i don’t know how to do that so that you don’t have to sign in first…but i’ve seen others with such a contraption on wordpress…maybe ya gotta pay??

Well, til neXt time!


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