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pictures from actions around Orygone

Here are some pictures from various “cruciaL aRtz” interactions around da State o’ Orygone, mostly in da big city, that i been doin’. These represent only a few of many other actions done, some far beyond da city. Enjoy! And feel free to publish these in your zines, just as long as ya add a link to this site (or speak to me about something else you have in mind)!

regalia worn

One sign worn:

A detail of that sign:
sign used in several interactions

Didya read the sign closely? Maybe you’ll now feel like i’m asking you that, and you’ll respond?(?) Or is silence your best, these dayz? (Maybe it is for the better; up to you; i’ll keep doing this, and sharing, regardless) (Sure, i wonder if anyone can really even read it, and whether it’s blocked; but more likely, my arting is soooooo far “off the radar” of even many creative people that…well….they’d have to have it repeated regularly to have any affect on the rest of the repetition repeated daily! Eh?

Whatever you do or don’t do, you can be sure i’ll continue to share some of what i’m up to here, as i seek to possibly inspire other creatives to take hold of their gifts as THEIR ticket to art, instead of always being arted by others (i.e. for money).


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