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join us for evolutions of radical's radical sanity in process! (to go to the root of the root, a.k.a. the HEART!)

bewildered by their intensity? it’s called propaganda: new comix story exposes truths





Okay, so this is all rough art, not finished. i’ve actually finished the art, cleared up all the roughage and such, and am selling it/bartering it to people locally. i’m open to trying that on the internet, as well, but for now, i’m just putting this stuff out there. Perhaps someone can be aided by this depth? Again, it is anti-copyright for noncommercial purposes. If you are not a u.s. citizen, that is okay, you can still use it freely in your non-commercial media or where-ever (i.e. put any of my art on a t-shirt –but not in commercial media– and sell it to survive! of course, i’d like some kinda kickback, someday….even if it’s in the next life!)

Hats off to humanity. And may we finally puzzle through all of these myriad traps we find ourselves stuck in. May we finally wake up to our stupidization. May we finally wake up that we do not solve problems/difficulties by projecting/reflecting our shit on others, who-ever they may be. May we wake up and remember the matriarchal excellence that is within each of us (“man” or not), and finally begin thinking THAT out and practicing the excellence of THAT.

)no, i’m not talking about authoritarian femi-fascism; femininity is not only One Way Of Doing Things, it is many many many. Gifts in myriad. We ALL have such gifts within us, that we have been taught to squelch.

Why are we taught to squelch this beautiful potential? Because many have CAREERS dedicated to the interests of Alienation,Inc. (a division of Misery Loves Company).

They simply know no better. Surrounded by “frames of reference” that simply do not include their HEART, people take the sheeple “Path of Least Resistance”. Surrounded by slaves (to this Way Of Doing Things), we go off the proverbial cliff in each of our privated-away realities. Consequences of not even trying to (much less practicing) challenge the perpetual war that this situation has been long becoming.

In the spokenwords of the passed-on champioN oF organiC humanitY, John Trudell:

“Watch out, child, watch out child, Babylon is Falling Down, Falling Down.”


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