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some new art i’ve been planning to share awhile

Hope i didn’t already post this…thought i’d “spiff up” this site, make it at LEAST as interesting as whatzhisname’s surrealist blog, that surrealist anarchist that hangs out kinda regularly with the post-Left anarchs….er….

Anyway, let’s see, first a comix story i toyed around with, finished, and then thought it was MUCH TOO surreal for my larger comix endeavors…. Check it out:

Okay, so looks like someone got into my stuff just now and blocked me from putting up part 4, so i’ll try three, and see how that goes….Part 2 below:




Okay, so the THIRD one is the one i like the most; full color, and gets to the gist of what i was experimenting with. So instead of “boom” or “pow” from the phallus-like weapons, you get TEXTs! Hey hey!

All input invited!

Some more art i was meaning to share for too long now…:

So there’s three pieces up there, but they’re all jumbled together…can we look at them very well? Let’s see…Ah, so the pencil one doesn’t get very big when you click on it, but it should be okay for now. If anyone is interested in seeing the bigger version, leave a comment and i’ll see what i can do.


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