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Intrigue-ing discussion on racism & ‘white fragility’

Just stumbled across this one, forgot how. Anyway, a pretty interesting critique going down over at GoodMenProject. The article is quite interesting, but the responses (at least 50, so far) are the most interesting to me. A lot of knee-jerk defensiveness (imagine!).

And, no, i’m not in complete agreement with the author, or others who take a “black/white” position. i said my piece (can you find it?), and maybe i can articulate myself better in time. But there is a “gist” that i was seeking to touch on, and may not have; and which other responders seemed to try to touch on, but could not.

i suppose the anarchists will be able to point us all to an especially powerful deconstruction or critique somewhere (you’d think i’d recall something…ah, by Bob Black or Jason McQuinn (!), but not off the top’o my head, sorry), but until then….heh. Nothing like a forum that has some spunk AND allows you to post without having to first login to f-book, et al.

Oh, sure, it’s a “little old”, in terms of when it was posted, but hey-hoh, still just as relevant!

The link:


White Fragility and the Rules of Engagement



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