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art responding to Pork mag and Sean Aaberg

This is some art i did recently as i thought about some of the more provacative content in the curious phenomenon of a free comix/paraphernalia (heh) mag making the rounds x-country. i’ve seen it in several midwestern towns as well as out on the west coast (u.s.a.), such as in Portland, OR where it appears to be headquartered. (Am i the only one who could not see the ART on this posting? only in the dashboard do i see it! Hacked??)

Anyway, there was a really good discussion about this whole topic over at the Maximum Rock N Roll website, so i HIGHLY recommend it! Check it out: http://maximumrocknroll.com/create-to-destroy-pork-magazine  (see comments section below the article; includes Aaberg’s views, too! Very good stuff to chew on, but i’m still uncertain….wondering what jewish folks would say….)

P.s. noted the COVER of the latest issue (fall 2016) has a swastika right up in your face, on the top ring of the hand of the weirdo depicted. What do YOU think is going on with this?


KIC Image 3


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