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art responding to Pork mag and Sean Aaberg

This is some art i did recently as i thought through some of the more provocative content in the curiously well-funded phenomenon of a free comix/paraphernalia (heh) magazine making the rounds x-country in the u.s.a. at least. i’ve seen it (Pork Magazine) in several midwestern towns as well as out on the west coast (u.s.a.), such as in Portland, OR, where it appears to be headquartered.

Anyway, there was a really good discussion about this whole topic over at the Maximum Rock N Roll website, so i HIGHLY recommend it! Check it out: http://maximumrocknroll.com/create-to-destroy-pork-magazine     (see comments section below the article; includes Aaberg’s views, too (he says he is a jewish person himself!). Very good stuff to chew on, but i’m still uncertain….wondering what other jewish and/or jewish-related folks would say….and wanting their input!) (Note: I challenge zionism, such as that perpetuated against the Palestinian people, but not jewish ness in and of itself.)

P.s. noted the COVER of the latest issue (fall 2016) has a swastika right up in your face, on the top ring of the hand of the weirdo depicted. Several other issues push the swastika as they claim to seek to do the equivalent of “unsettling” “the Squares.”

What do YOU think is going on? (This whole controversy came down BEFORE Trump was allegedly elected, btw.)


KIC Image 3


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