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Echoing a cheer: Against Identity Politics: Spectres, Joylessness, and

The Contours of Ressentiment, by Lupus Dragonowl.

Phew, pretty hard getting in my wordpress account of late, but i guess that’s what one gets when they challenge with some success.

i want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND the title essay! Try listening to it at: archive.org/details/FRRagainstIP  or reading (link has a link to a site that i cannot get into, due to a “security warning” (normal ? vernacular for status-quo institutions angry at anarchist sites?) and commenting: http://anarchistnews.org/content/frr-audiobooks-against-identity-politics-spectres-joylessness-contours-ressentiment-lupus

My own comments as follows, reading from “Anarchy” (AJODA) mag:

i was most drawn to the section after the subheading on Maoists, etc. i’ll try to update my comments as i don’t have all of the text and my notes with me.

Off the cuff, i think of the problem of *internalized values* and what Noam Chomsky means when he discusses this. And i think of how many critical thinkers cannot help but to have largely internalized Rollback values, thanks to over 40 years of its propaganda. Including the largely seemingly undiscussed topic of how the social sciences have taken the place of orthodox religion, today. Social Science interests have been embedded into most “well educated” folks’ psyches in my view, and work to add to and build on how religion entered (and still enters) people’s unsuspecting internal psyches.

The essay on page 39 of the AJODA  article is where i want to start a more “point by point” response.

i wonder at the meta provocations of Indigenous voices such as that of Waziyatawin (a Dakota patriot, and leading voice in the unsettling america project) in this context. My intuition tells me that some of these kinds of authoritarianistic provocations have depths or levels that are mysterious and that “there is more going on than meets the eye.” So, in seeking to walk in Waziyatawin’s “moccasins” so to speak, i think of her pushing the MUGGLE MIND, prodding it, unsettling us. Her DESIRE to fuck with self-claimed anti-authoritarians and that kind of thing.

So, rather than cast off Indigenous voices such as hers with a counter-judgement (“Why listen to them? They are ALL ‘nationalists’!”), i think it’s crucial to try to radically listen, gulp down the imperfect (?) method, and respond with our own kinds of HEART. Putting our lives on the line, or at least our immediate comfort, to show who we truly are to these kinds of champions.

As for the discussion of “sickness” amongst those stuck in authoritarian cult-ure, check out the unsettlingamerica discussion of the Wetiko (i particularly found value in Part 2, but couldn’t find it just now). See a list of articles here:


So there’s some food for thought, for now.


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