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decolonizing care : a new blog at this site

Projection champs and assumption-careerists beware

time is high for REMEMBERING our GREAT spirit’d




The character assasins and psychological genocidists will fire off their so-called “best”


while a few (?) o’ yOu –will realize the VALUE



for THIS LIFE and others,

practicing our “better bests”

for whichever QUEST or/and tests

may come on


(editor’s note: Oops, didn’t INTEND to post this on this blog rite here…. Hmmm. Well, i THOUGHT i was posting this on my newest blog! Ahhhhh, wellllllll! No desire to “hide” here, fellow human beings! (did PLAN to link to this site, but not rite now…..))

This is a big topic and i will be accepting writing as well as composing/writing my own posts and possibly illustrating them, either with art i’ve already done or something special just for here. It has been awhile since i have been writing any blogstuff so excuse me if i come off as being a little “off-kilter” (a curious word within itself!).

Off the top of my head, when i think of “care” and “decolonizing” together, i think of the following, almost immediately (what do you immediately come up with?) :

  • nuclearized families vs pre-colonized/tribal families
  • meaningful communities being systematically divided up and alienated
  • the shame that elder care has become
  • the shame of compulsory schooling and what passes as that sort of so-called “help”
  • the mistake of nuclearized parental care not seeing its folly until later in life
  • what passes as “normal” social relations in this u.s.a. society today
  • and how about, how i dare reflect my bests towards unsettlingamerica and decolonization communities in taking up this site name!

HOkay, so there’s some thinking to possibly inspire someone out there. Where-ever you may be.

A little bit more articulation may be needed, so such will likely come in time….

To all the directions i send this, my best.


(please note: the author only recently discovered, at age 50, that he apparently is more fully related to Indigenous folks from this general side of moM EartH than he previously thought; thus, the strength of spirit of that one-sixteenth seems to have inspired my other percentage of spirits of the last, what, 30-plus years?!!!! Tho it may well be that the two relatives that claim their grandfather told them this were in actuality “pulling my leg”; so let that be out in the open as well!)

(please also note that i am a solopathic ORrioR, and that means that most of the people i mention on this site are only known to me as, at best, acquaintances, but mostly they are strangers whose writings i have been DEEPLY inspired by and wish to SHARE, in order to INSPIRE ALL O da WREST o’ y’aLL!!!!!!!!! And of COURSE experience the REFLECTIONS of all o this!


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