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Survival international and our commonalities!

In response to:


They show a map where the last freely living peoples reside. This is powerful truth.

And yet, what about all the rest of us? Are not each generation of young people, throughout so-called “civilization” tribal peoples not allowed to follow their intuitive tribal truths and desires?

To say this is to risk more, and yet to bridge more at the same time. Then we are not separate. We stand with each other!

We are all young people inside, as well. We all have the tribal intuitive within us (in our HEARTS). No matter what age. It’s just that the youngest young people are closer to that than us.

It’s a lot like Russell Means said of persons under “age 6” in one of his videos about matriarchy:

They are listened to. Because they are closer to their makers, and have not yet been fooled into forgetting! They have much to teach, even when they cannot yet articulate themselves in “mature” ways!


Not a direct quote, but the gist! (the below arte is a ghost spirit of this sentiment)



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