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aikido the Against planted in us! re: whiteknights vs PC (?) womyn standing UP!

Posting this here because i see that an older reply of mine is “still awaiting moderation”….

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GreeeeetiNgz! To all the grandmother people, i send this in all the directions! May the reflections i send out come back at me full force!!!!

Regarding the men who “take over” “normal” meeting space, self-imposed time limits, and all those other self-limitations:

Okay, i’m jumping full on into this Polar Bear chillish-feeling post as my reply style (watch out, it’s a canonballjump!), and many of you will have to see me as politically incorrect! (because you may not have any other box to throw me into)

First of all, imagine seeing people as “perfectly imperfect”. Imagine that human beings called “men” are CHAMPIONS of this reality, and so ARE YOU. Imagine that you need not get stuck in many mens’ competitive ways, and use more creative ways to touch their attention! (if you’re so called)

This is a decolonizing way of seeing and being, i think.

People called “men” are often flailing around in this world they are stuck in, or enslaved to. Usually. They need to flail.  i know because i have walked in those places many times.

So how does the creative intelligence of excellent womyn champions deal? i say, create ceremony! Create depth spectacle that they may be blown away by, where they can journey through. Ask to interview them! (be not afraid to stroke egos, if that’s what ya must call it!) Make short movies, letting them have the limelight, to help them get their hearts out! Help them, if you feel called, in a rotational way with your sistahhz! Don’t go it alone (unless you’re a real BADASS great spirit’d person!)(recalling womyn i’ve met who have hitch-hiked alone x-country, carrying brass knuckles!)

Create ceremony where YOU can be a part of it, also!

Stop falling back on the devoutly “normal” box (which is a europeonstuck way of doing things). Stuck? Stuck in getting caught up in differences rather than commonalities.

Of COURSE you ALREADY knew this! i’m just helping you remember!


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