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Slick new books Tell Us To Look Down on Indigenous cultures; with rebuttals

Check this out, first:


VERY IMPORTANT read, and GOOD for passing around through your networks!

*(note: um, a little roughly written, sorry about that! Needs editing when i have the time!)*

Comments on the article:

Same Old Again, Inc. doing its work…i figure.

Question is, who funds these widely-circulated anti-Indigenous books, and how is it that they can get right up there in the mainstream circulation crowd fairly quickly, while other books remain languishing in the margins??? Do you have any idea?

i think i do, recalling Philip Agee and Ward Churchill (two authors who get pretty deep into the “shadow” government thing) discussing  “the patsy picked to…” publish on behalf of shadow government, making his writing appear to be independent. Who? One John Crewdson, a writer, whom for those who have woken up to the meta games of u.s./Western journalism games, was awarded the s0-called “prestigious” Pulitzer award, no doubt for his careful obedience to Western ideology.

The quote above is Agee speaking about this reality in his seminal book about some of the consequences of his whistle-blowing on the c.i.a., On The Run. While Ward Churchill wrote in his book Indians Are Us? (yes, i need to get specific pages, and have them in my notes somewhere)

Do compare and contrast, and let me know what you come up with, if you want.

The linked article goes over a wide variety of truths not being mentioned in Western media outlets, which should come as no surprise. Though, this time, the patsy picked (?) to push the same old bigotry and out-of-context truths is Jared Diamond.

As one who finds myself often engaging the strategically-challenged on Indigenous issues (and etcetera), i for one would like to know more about this Jared Diamond. Anyone know a good source to read?


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