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A response to Everyone Calls Themselves An Ally Until It Is Time To Do Some Real Ally Shit

Wasn’t sure if this post I made would remain up online, so thought I’d reproduce it here. This post is in reply to the blog post in the title, here:


(discussion invited!!!!)

ethicalartservice | February 12, 2014 at 18:22 | Reply

Okay, this is an idea in “progress”, okay? So please take it that way. I’m not sure I can fully articulate what i seek to “get at”.

The thing that jumped out at me most when I first read this was that it seems to me that many of the posts here tend to push a typical Politically Correct tone of “shame and guilt” orientation towards unsettling settler people, categorically. Unsettling, certainly, and a good thing to start out with. But if it is the only reaction we are going to find…? Then I understand your lack of actual participation, or such in more meaningful ways.

If, on the other hand, the approach was more about MUTUAL liberation, where unsettling settler people were able to be viewed as FELLOW champions of our mutual desires (with crucial attention paid to our past work, i.e. putting our lives on the line, as well as our mutual visions), you might find more desire to stand with you as equal human beings (though obviously poor in decolonial knowledge); and, I think, more solidarity. That’s my feeling, anyway.

For more insight into this thinking, you might try this link:
http://anarchy101.org/1312/what-are-some-definitive-post-left-texts See note 5 where “identity politics” is challenged with: critiquing identity politics insofar as it preserves victimization-enabled identities and social roles and inflicts guilt-induced paralysis, amongst others.” Guilt-induced paralysis, whoa. Maybe that’s the difficulty you all are having??

The MUTUAL bottom line, in my view, then becomes: Can diverse champions find meaningful community TOGETHER with you, or shall such forever remain in a subordinate role? Can our unique approach, based on our own trajectory be just as powerful? Can our unique method(s) also have equitable power?? Because, if all we’re apt to gain out of defense relations with you is assuaging our guilt complexes, well, only a trickle of those sorts of folks are likely to show up….

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

(ed’s note: My agreement with post-left anarchist critique does not mean i identify as an “anarchist”; i am more tending towards my own critical- ideological approach/self-theory which i call “bridge-archy”–the desire to metaphorically bridge with ALL human tendencies towards whichever ideology/non-ideology, via the portions of each which draw most to them!)

For further thought on this subject:

“Accepting the social role of victim—in whatever one of its many forms—is choosing to not even create one’s life for oneself or to explore one’s real relationships to the social structures. All of the partial liberation movements—feminism, gay liberation, racial liberation, workers’ movements and so on—define individuals in terms of their social roles. Because of this, these movements not only do not include a reversal of perspectives which breaks down social roles and allows individuals to create a praxis built on their own passions and desires; they actually work against such a reversal of perspective. The ‘liberation’ of a social role to which the individual remains subject.” (from wikipedia link, with a link that is old, and should be this one: http://anti-politics.org/feral-faun/ideology-of-victimization.html )

NOTE: It has come to my attention that there is a really good reply to feral faun’s quote and link above! Read it here, and see if we can start a new thread on this!:



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