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What the?…

Tried to send word that i reblogged the article below, to the blog awakeningthehorse.wordpress.com, but for some reason (spelled out below), i couldn’t. Nor could i contact the “site admin”. So thought i’d post the text that came up:

User ethicalartservice Cannot Access the Dashboard Requested

You are logged in as “ethicalartservice” and do not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for “Awakening the Horse People“. If you are not “ethicalartservice”, please log out, and log back in with your username. If you are “ethicalartservice” and you need access, please ask an administrator of the site to invite you.

If you reached this screen by accident and meant to visit one your own sites, here are some shortcuts to help you find your way.

Your Sites

My comments:

Dashboard? Oh, i thought i was going to be able to contact someone. Well, anyway, this is what spirituaL nudity loox like!


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