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visionary becomings: known and not

visionary becomings known and not

Some Comments and rethinking participation angles, thanks to article entitled “On Refusal” ( http://decolonization.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/on-refusal/ )

…capitalism as a belief, still needs to be danced through. It is imprinted into us, and so many cannot help but to reflect such as their best.

The “destruction” as a dance-party-pow-wow where diverse sorts of settler realities are danced through, either in one central place, by turn, or in other places. And so on.

Question: Do NYM approaches apply to decolonization on the internet? I.e. Who gets to say when tactical approaches can never be touched on? In a categorical way. (re: see NYM’s response around security culture issues)

“These are demands that settlers can take on….”

Change to:
“These are demands that settlers can choose to wear…” The previous sentence is a gift to be tried on, as we listen to ancient wizdms spoken through peoples who have not forgotten as much as we have!

“…need to do this work…” can be changed to “need to do this practice for the kinds of relations which mutually

inspire our bests”

i pray that this helps! (note: tried to post this on the site, but could not, and repeated attempts to register, failed. So figured i might send “ping backs” to them, at least! (reeeeal sloooow connection rite now…maybe cuz it’s x-mas morn?)


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