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from a comix duel between myself and i!

Sorry, i mistakenly posted this on this blog. Please ignore the text below! (and, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the post below it)from a comix series about a drug duel between myself and i


A bit about this art, and why i chose to put it here, now:

This art is one portion of a longer story that was somehow left out of my pdx file below (comix duel). While composing the pdf file, i did begin to have numerous challenges cropping up, apparently from outside the computer i was using. Including files that got duplicated throughout the entire pdf, while the others were taken out! And then finding the one i thought i had in full to be missing this page…moves me to think that some work overtime to try to make my art appear as tho i have a mystification called “cognitive dissonance” (a fancy-buttoned term for stuff that the social scientist seems to want to monopolize for himself, taking the time of the new car biz, for example, to evolve its car line).

This art, like all my other stuff, is anti-copyrite, except for formal entities like groups subordinate to statecraft. All others may feel free to copy and distribute (and trade/SELL, if they need to) as long as this blog is mentioned (with the full url address, please).


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