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A zine of old and semi-new art work and sentiment

via this link:

visionaryzine1copy (a pdf opens in a new page)

Did it work? Ah, i see!! Simply click on the link, and a pdf version SHOULD show up, eventually, depending on how fast your connection is!!!! Enjoy! Lots of artwork here! Plus lots of deep thinking for those who DARE!



(hopefully you can see the large-sized version of this page of the zine? Please comment if you cannot)

Btw, i’m looking to put this thing, in its entirety, in a zine library somewhere. Anyone got ideas? Something that can either take this large file fully, or is willing to take it after i crunch down the art..


PLEASE NOTE: One of the visionaries i give a full page to in the zine linked to here has passed on, recently. i wish to express my profound love to that man, Frank Moore (www.eroplay.com), whom i was lucky enough to meet and participate with in one of his “eroplay” playshops. What a wild and untamed and interesting character, he!!! Definitely worth exploring his ideas and work, if you dare!

Further note: Some of the hand-written text in the pdf file have gotten cut-off, somehow. i hope to rectify that in coming months…

Even further note:

At least two of the pages of the zine were somehow cut short on the edges. This is one of them:


One Response to “A zine of old and semi-new art work and sentiment”

  1. Hi! We just found this searching for mentions of Frank Moore … it is wonderful what you say about Frank here. That was an amazing performance in Brooklyn! We just put out a book of Frank’s writings that you may be interested in: Frankly Speaking, A Collection of Essays, Writings and Rants. http://www.eroplay.com/franklyspeaking/ Would love to hear what you think of it! — Corey (one of Frank’s students)

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