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Ways in which gladio/cointel seem to be engaging me so far…and ways through

Thought i ought to post this, for “the record”, and following Brian Glick’s suggestions (a good outline for ways to deal with challenges, and yet not ‘foolproof’, of course).

While i am engaged in confrontational nonviolent tactics to challenge severe alienation and Misery Loves Company, Inc. (a poetic metaphor) i am under no illusion that this is no real protection in the context of reality, such as that exposed in films like “COINTELPRO 101” or “Counter-Intelligence” (both free films to watch, online).

Still, having put more than 25 years in this work (and going to major depths along the way), i see that there are ways through, or at least, so far, there have been ways through.That is, ways through the Fear, Incorporated planted in us. Ways through the various feints and innuendos that diverse contacts bring.

And one i think is to adopt the idea that we are ALL part of the problem and part of the solution.

By approaching things in this way, if practiced enough (via whatever way you find valuable, i find “talking to myself” to be one method!), i’ve found that i can sometimes surprise or at least disarm persons sent to (?) engage me. The main “trick” seems to be to understand that they, as human beings themselves, may be seeking a “justification” in their own minds, to carry out some order they have, or whatever. So if you can surprise them by showing the level of thinking for yourself that you’ve achieved, there seems to be ways through.

One example:

A few months ago i was approached by 1 or 2 people (it was so surreal that i didn’t pay that close attention). They were enquiring about whether i “hated” or “hate” cops, categorically. It’s likely that they were put onto this belief by their assumptions regarding anarchist critique, which i find inspiring (i do not agree with many anarchists’ response methods of violence, tho). Well, i told them my thinking-through truth. That i don’t “hate cops” per se, i “hate” any system that tools cops and other soldiers!  That tools them to reduce themselves to the kinds of beliefs and such that they HAVE TO have (in order to “feed their families” and so on). Well, this surprised them, for the time being.

In the past i’ve added to this kind of interaction by supplying cops/other soldiers with info about cop whistleblowers, from Norma Jean Almodovar to John Stockwell, etc.

i also hold steadfastly to my “rights” even if, like the ACLU says, we don’t really have them anymore. There is power in standing with your rights, like the right to say NO to any search, and the right to Remain Silent. And even when cops have been able to intimidate me into letting them inside the vehicles i’ve had (happens from time to time; i see some of them NEEDING to Get In due to their Fear Projections on me and people “like” me), i still stick to my demand/right that they not “Search”. This worked well, once, when a bunch of Portland, Orygun cops had surrounded me, all with their plastic gloves on, and i had stood my ground. Well, they left, seemingly satisfied, only later to return with a striped soldier (obviously their supervisor or something) who wanted “to look inside” as well. i let him. And he didn’t find anything, either.

Needless to say, i was so intimidated by that action, that i began having mental challenges (i.e. leaving my wallet in places it should’ve been lost/stolen), and i finally left town for a number of years. The local copwatch volunteer had told me, when i described what had happened (the cops had a dog, and claimed it had smelled something from a recent arson not far away; but cops can legally lie), that i was lucky, as they coulda beaten me up at the drop of a hat.

So, yeah, i’m no “macho” type, not at all. And perhaps this might be valuable for my fellow non-macho types.

Another time, more recently, i was dialoging with a single man who brought up a threat, indirectly (he later did something that was truly uncanny, and the way he did it, i figured he had to be a pro). He was saying that people were likely to hurt me for daring to interact outside the boxes of Acceptable Norms of Interaction (my phrase), because i was engaging fellow grownups with things like “free hugs” and my art. But what i said to him, in an even tone, matching his, surprised him, i guess. i spoke of my spiritual path that is about “walking through” my fears.

Over and over again, i’ve noted that engaging challengers, be they “private citizens” or paid cointel operative soldiers (who knowns unless i get a FOIA, eh?..), can be done successfully, depending on how much of a human being you are. Empathy (even of the wradical’s wradickal sort), can be a powerful bridge-ing tool, if for real. Being focused on “puzzling through” each other, can be interesting to the brow-beaten cynic/soldier! Bringing our intelligence to the interaction, and not merely trapping oneself with quoting “radical anarchist” hype-type phrases, can make a difference!!!

And my basic self-theory is about trying to keep bridges with ALL ways of conceiving and seeing. Puzzling through cryptic or poetic reflections, not taking such personally (thanking Toltec wisdom for this), and seeing that such intensities can have POWER if we see them for what they can be (ways to practice us and our truths, in the context of having no other such assistance). And then picking the excellences within them (re: the stuff that captures so many is often a germ of truth, after all), and trying to hold onto that no matter what.

Wow, imagine that! Imagine a culture like THAT! Well, i think many cultures still exist with that kind of excellence (tho largely informal), tho thought control priorities won’t let you know.

Sure, all this seems impossible, if you’ve been allowing yourself to get caught up in all the programming, all the conditioning to “just go along” with it. And, yes, i sometimes feel overwhelmed like that. And it’s likely that i will “have to” be “neutralized”, or whatever. It’s likely that my heart will HAVE TO be ‘character assasinated’, and not allowed to be heard (as it has already, in part).

But what is life if one has to cower in the Fear planted in us?? i for one am “ready” to leave this sorry excuse for a life here in “The Free-est Country In The World” (yeah right), if that is what “must” be. And so i walk with the others who see with their hearts more than their programming, feeling honored to know of their truths, doing the best that i know! What an experience to be a part of something that is so beautiful in its potentials!

And isn’t it interesting/meaningful when we can somehow inspire a deeply strategically-challenged heart to be a human being, too?!! i’ve had some successes with that, as well, here and there. Tho it is hard to know, since so MANY are so deeply hiding.

A-hoH, to aLL my relations!

i am another settler unsettling himself!

“The biggest cops are in our heads”–some anarchist said that somewhere


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