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couldn’t post this on longtime, well-visited blog, soooo…

Tried to post a story here (on my blog on theicarusproject.net ) and the next thing i know i got multiple messages saying that i no longer even HAD this account!! Does it have anything to do with my using the tor network? Hmm. Tried three times, and while on the third time it (or someone monitoring my wireless tor use) didn’t kick me directly off, and led me to think that i was ABLE to successfully post there, i was eventually logged out, anyway. With the oh-so-dangerous post blocked again. So, i’ll try to post this here and see if i can try reposting it again, from another computer sometime (heh).

Anyway, tried to post the following article intro and links (let’s try this again! Persistence sometimes proves fertile!):
The psychiatrization of our children, or, an autoethnographic narrative of perpetuating First Nations genocide through ‘benevolent’ institutions

Academia at its finest, for those able to use a dictionary (or dictionary.reference.com) to look up the more mystifying words! This article (and others on the topic of decolonization!) will be sure to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!

Intro Excerpt:

“I enter the discussion on madness and psychiatrization through breathing the air and walking the halls of ‘benevolent’ institutions, such as child protection and psychiatry, institutions that produce “mental illness” through the psychiatrization of the people they are meant to support. This narrative provides an example of the ways in which child welfare organizations are both sanist and racist in their organizing principles and in their interpretations of the needs and desires of marginalized people. (…)”

http://decolonization.org/index.php/des/article/view/18687 (note: my link tech doesn’t work here anymore…hmmm)

Having shared this, be sure to NOT tell too many about reading this (unless you are of we few TRUE CHAMPION DARERs!), since the ideologically-challenged (i.e. liberal or conservative reformers) will most likely send some major shunning your way, since “the personal is political” in colonial realities today. Best to THINK ABOUT IT for a month or so, if you’re new to it all, and make as “clear-headed” a decision as you can. Then again, is there any other real choice? (re: do groups like http://www.mindfreedom.org REALLY award one AUTHENTIC community, or even close???)

Case in point as far as shunning: awhile back, this blog was receiving hundreds, even thousands of ‘reads’, and then of late, the number appears to be waning. (Appears, i say, because at the same time, Icarus boards ebb and flow like a tide with visitors speaking up there, as well, so hard to know for sure…)

Yes, i can make assumptions as hellishly (not religious-stuck, btw) as i need, of course, or i can imagine that the few left who ARE STILL READING this blog, are crucial “high-ranking” human beings (on par with or above the calibre of “general” or other “commanding officer”). Nice ideahh, eh?!! Ah, i see that i “need” a mix of the two thinking approaches, while basking in my solopathic reality (so far); to translate: some of us have to walk solo-ly because we are the bringers-in of neo excellence, not understood yet.

For further insight into the depth excellence of the website in more general terms, check out this mouthful of an intro blurb (some REAL DEAL NUTRITION for us if we let ourselves explore beyond the meta-corrals of free-dumb/freedom):

“Drawing on textual modes of fictional representation first valorised then disseminated by British imperialists, this story appropriates then abrogates Eurocentric ideals of normative creative expression. By appropriating the rhythm of lyrical poetry into the descriptions of this fictionalized Jamaica as well as the structure of modernist prose into Akúa’s psychical shift from colonial subject to postcolonial agent, “Me Nuh Choose None” inverts these narrative conventions historically used to systematize and exclude in order to puncture the imperious myth that complex writing in English primarily concerns itself with gratifying the colonial centre. Moreover, by treating the textual approximations of the Jamaican storyteller Miss Lou’s oral folktales with equal depth and sophistication as the instances of alliteration and onomatopoeia, this story abrogates the autocratic standard of “proper” spelling and pronunciation…”

(source: http://decolonization.org/index.php/des/article/view/18711 )

Wow, huh?!!

Now, how about a SONG to touch your heart in ways you may’ve forgotten existed as realistic alternatives?!:


Me, i’m looking forward to listening to the WHOLE album coming out in the fall! A-heY!


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