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Mysterious, ghosty photos!

The following pictures come from various places i’ve been in recent years and i think they are examples of ghosts or spirits which sometimes show themselves in photos i’ve taken with my digital camera. Others have thought they were merely dust, but for them to show up in wet conditions, outside? I don’t think so! And how about those that are “swiftly moving” (a few photos show one or more apparently moving)?


Note that if you look closely, the alleged dust particles are all not similar! They all have intricate designs in them! And i noted that one even had eyes and a face! Whoa!

Can you find the face? Or faces?

Anyone know of other images like these?? i’d like to take a look at such!

So, what’s your thoughts on this phenomena?? Can all cameras pick this kind of phenomena up? Why might digital (with flash) be able to pick these up? Pros/cons, critical thoughts sought!


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