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Art sho(w) as self-defense!

Almost forgot to post this one…and hopefully i’ll have some photos to accompany it, the next time i find a ‘puter that will allow me to get them from my phone!

So check this out! Camped freely along a busy road not far from a big city near you (this really happened btw). People somehow see my camp. I’m there long enough that they begin slowing down as they pass, and comment such things like: “We can see youuuu!” Later, people throw stuff, and another stops and thrashes at the bushes. Finally, my spirituality gifts me the obvious idea (i have been, after all, already implementing a portion of this idea now and then, tho in non-challenged circumstance)! DO AN ART SHOW!!

Then such would-be dumpers of flailing poison suddenly find out that the secret camper isn’t really what they knee-jerkedly needed to see me as (insert variations of acceptable scapegoats here), and get a little gift towards seeing people as human beings!!

Well, i went with that intuition, and when i heard a car stop and someone get out, likely (in the context of heightening scapegoat energies erupting) to mess with me, well, he got himself a little surprise. And next thing i heard: A GIGGLE upon re-entrance to his car!!

Okay, and for all of you out there who say, yeah, but i ain’t no artist. WELL! Maybe it’s time they printed out my art (which is all anti-copyright!) and put it up!!!! And all you human beings out there who care about the homeless and whatnot! i think you have a calling:::print out my art, copy it, and give it out to folks you meet who may likely be in a similar situation!!!

Ah HAH!!!!!!!


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