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Going on 11 months now of living free

Well, mostly free. i’m not eating off the land…but i am living outside of the imposed corall of freedumb, as much as i can.

Living free in a so-called “free society”? Ah, there is no such thing, except to live freely in constant evasion of the forces which try to keep us all “under wraps”, and good little sheeple consumers, ready at a moment’s notice to hate and kill whoever our massas Tell us to hate and kill. At home and abroad.

Anyway, the spiritual aspect (all of it is, for me at least) is beyond words. Oh, i have written up some, here and there, and may share, while trying to surph within the fine line of security culture (don’t wanna give too much info to the surveillers…).

Mostly it’s going pritty fair. Here in Calyforny-uh, it’s as expected, apparently more controlled than other states i’ve explored these past months. (Actually, this adventure has 4 parts, beginning in Lakota/Dakota country, and going South and East, and winding up out on the West Coast; yep, i’m on Part 4) But i know my ‘rights’ and invoke them when i have to, and it’s worked out pritty surprisingly well, so far.

And i’m testing all of my lifelong knowledge of survival in diverse weather (on the coast last winter in Orygun was a major challenge at times!), and re-honing and getting back in touch with skills i’ve spent a lifetime getting in touch with.

The bottom line? It’s a strengthening. “What doesn’t kill you, strengthens,” as the old saying goes. The strengthening is spiritual, physical, psychological. It is also moving beyond theory, as with my involvement in several Occupy’s up north. (see coughcity.wordpress.com for a sample) Those Occupy’s forced me to move beyond mere theory with my ideals and reflections, and come to the realization that it’s a lot harder (re: the way things are set up, generally, including in the Left, anarchist, and post-colonial) than i wish it was. But i ain’t quitting just ‘cuz it’s gonna be hard!

Don’t know where i’m “ultimately” headed, except that i made a promise to a certain farmer that i’d be back his way by spring.


3 Responses to “Going on 11 months now of living free”

  1. oh and we’re planning on getting a bike rack so your bike would probably fit cheers!

  2. Note: i lived quite free like this for almost 18 months altogether! Will i write about it in any detail? Not likely. Better to hear stories from me in person!

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