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Hidden Gallery Sho(w) Occupies da Woodz!

Here are some images from one of the “hidden treasure art gallery show and altars” that i have begun making and leaving behind as i travel, via my own power, x-country. For anyone interested, i can give directions to a place that can give you further directions, so speak up if you’re in the Garberville, CA area or can travel there!

What’s the power of this kind of action? Well, i’ve been explaining it to various locals from northern WA to CA, and basically the angle is to build informal community beyond the strictures of what’s been built (and usually needs large amounts of funding to keep from perrenially sinking). And back up the idea that if informal community were to build itself beyond such boundaries, there are major openings, including building on the idea that public forests could be defended (to become patches of oldgrowth) just by the level (and meaningful depth) of informal community put into such places.

Note that such projects won’t work and won’t be allowed to work if they are commandeered by formal structures, including their “well schooled” representatives. Want to discuss the pros and cons?

The next item is part of the gallery/altar, and sought to bring attention to Grace Llewellyn’s excelling book _The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How To Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education_ (Lowry House Publishers, Eugene). i basically did alternate cover art for the book and LEFT the original art at the gallery! That’s right!

i also did another alternate cover–of Fogler’s “Adult Liberation Handbook” on Unjobbing! But the art didn’t come out as bright as i had hoped (good ol’ cheap-o phone camera, argh!). Maybe you can brighten the art photo up and send it back to me? i’d love to put up a better set of examples! But i don’t have access to such programs these daze.

At least the stones that i found in the local riverbed (Eel River) show up half-way decently (?). Here’s the version that is especially way too dark:

In a future edition of this blog i’ll probably share other places i’ve left original art (and prints) in similar intentions.


One Response to “Hidden Gallery Sho(w) Occupies da Woodz!”

  1. Note, the originals in this artwork were left to decompose, along with the copies. Unless Sasquatch snatched ’em up! i haven’t gone back to the places where these hidden galleries were, so don’t know what happened to the art!

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