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Art(e) honoring indigenous spirit–from Arcata Occupy

Here’s some art(e) i made and put up (and drew on the sidewalk) while spending about 10 days at the HSU Occupy in Arcata, CA this last latter November and early December.

Shout-out especially to unsettling america community!

Note that the HSU occupy folks itself did not formally agree with my show, tho they (including various anonymous movers of the art) didn’t take it down for at least a week. The way of the Occupy movement, of course, is that everyone gets to “have a say”…to a limit; which i may discuss on another blog (unsettlesoccupy.wordpress.com, forthcoming)

Below are more general art pieces honoring indigenous folks:

(notice: all art is ANTI-COPYRIGHT, which means that informal use is free (as opposed to corporate use); use it any way you wish, but if you make some cash with it, i want a percentage, okay?!)


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