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John Trudell on organic power and evolution vs artificial terrorism and Same Old Again!!

Note: John (a Lakotah/Dakota (?) wisdom keeper who has survived major intensity with surprising balance) doesn’t yet use the words “organic” or “artificial” as far as i am aware, but i think he would agree with me on my use, especially when we read over this speech delivered in 1980 to a survival gathering. See the original speech and other texts of his here:

“…We must not become confused and deceived by their illusions. There is no such thing as military power; there is only military terrorism…That is all that it is. They try to program our minds and fool us with these illusions so that we will believe that they hold the power in their hands…All they know how to do is act in a repressive, brutal way…They want us to believe in them and depend on them, and we have to assume these consumer identities, and these political identities, these religious identities and these racial identities [not to mention sexual ones]. They want to separate us from our Power…from who we are…

“…We must consider the Spiritual genocide that they commit against us. The spiritual genocide that the white people have been victimized by for thousands of years…

“We must move to the time when we truly understand our connection to real power because these people who deal with illusions and imitations…they want to keep us confused with [the self-limiting concepts of?] sexism and ageism, racism, class. They want to keep us in a confusion so that [we] will continue to believe in one lie after another as they programmed them into our minds and into our society…The ruling class…are going to lie to us and they are going to create the illusions of change…

“We have to understand our role as a Natural Power. We have to understand that when our oppressor treats us this way and does these things to us, that we allow him to do it as long as we accept his lies…We have been allowing it for too long…

“When I go around in America and I see the bulk of the white people, they do not feel oppressed; they feel powerless… We see the physical genocide that they are attempting to inflict upon our lives, and we understand the psychological genocide that they have already inflicted upon their own people…

“We must be willing in our lifetime to deal with reality. It’s not revolution; it’s liberation. We want to be free of a value system that’s being imposed on us… Liberation –we want to be free. But in order for us to be free we have to assume…our responsibility. We are going to have to struggle for it. Wer are going to have to work [and be] committed to it. We must never underestimate our enemy. Our enemy is committed against us 24 hours a day. They use 100% of their efforts to maintain their …status quo. 100% of their effort goes into deceiving us and manipulating us against each other…

“…We are going to have to start working more realistically with a
resistance consciousness
, a resistance, something we can pass on as strength to the coming generations–a resistance where organizational …[and] individual egos don’t get in the way, a resistance where the infiltrators and the provacateurs and the liars and the betrayers…do not get in the way. We will not get our liberation if we do not seriously analyze the experiences of our own lifetimes.

The other side …has studied. They understand what we were up to in the 1960’s. They understand what we wanted in the early 1970’s…They create certain events, and they manipulate the economics, and they manipulate circumstances because they want us to react the same way that we did in the 1960’s so that they can come in and they can smash our movements. We must become of a resistance consciousness. We must say that we will not allow you to smash us. Even if it means that we have to deal with the part of you that you have planted in me…

“…It takes more than good intentions. It takes committment. It takes that in some point in our lives we are going to have to decide that we have a way of life and we are going to live that way of life. Even when our enemies totally surround us, even when [they] act against us with brutality and harshness, with lies and bribes, we are going to have to stand with our way of life. …We cannot reach a point in our lives [where] we’re going to sit back and say: “Well, we will make this compromise with the other side…”


“…We must always deal with reality. They have been able to use the element of fear to control their masses of people… We must not be drawn into their traps… It is time for us to think…We have to learn to put up and deal with the hard times just like the good times… We have to learn and underderstand that they want us to be lazy in our minds and lazy in our spirit and lazy in our body. They want us to be able to give up hope easily. They want us to quit thinking. (just obey, work, consume, and fear and hate when told) But the nature of the People on Earth has always been one of struggle…If they stop us one way then we must find another way… We have to take the initiative. We can no longer become and remain reactionary…”


See the entire text, with some comments: https://www.angelfire.com/psy/intheheart/TrudellJohn/tdell1.html

See videos of John and his depth charging here:


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