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ACLU letter and my response, plus a weird intro

You will certainly see me as a crank. That is the only possible, “rational” way to see me. You cannot listen, but I’ll waste my breath anyways. Note that i am homeless. i live on the edge in a woods near you. A few nights ago, the cops seemed to be combing the woods, looking to fuck with homeless people. They had their dog with them. i thought sure they’d see me; i was standing under an awning only yards away, in plain view, even wearing neon orange. i got my ID out as quick as i could, and was “ready”. Who knows how they would “deal with” me? Might they be angry and be looking to unload their pain on someone they think might be easy prey?? I don’t know.

They turned back (across from me) from their position in the woods, and it made me wonder: are they tracking my cell phone? (am i merely paranoid?)

But i was flabbergasted that they apparently didn’t see me.

Not that i have any warrants; but being homeless isn’t easy. i prefer living free, mind you; but, like anyone, i fear The Men With Guns.

Having said all of this, i am posting the following. Maybe you will see me as more than a mere crank, a mere “green-horned” fool?

This insanity should come as no surprise. After reading William Blum’s Killing Hope and recalling the record of impunity in which the u.s. government and its resources are used as “the world’s policeman” (quoting Chomsky); they are simply stepping up to the Armageddon scenario they’ve been planting in everyone’s heads. They are insane, and everything the Left does, including even the ACLU really only perpetuates that insanity, that severe alienation.

You force things via law, that makes sense on the one hand, I grant you that. On the other, you fool yourselves into believing that “law” is respected, when it truly counts.

It’s time that “the Left” and the ACLU wake up to your privilege. Wake up and begin exploring ways to bridge with these severely alienated men and women who believe as they do (i.e. the Machievellian, the extension of feudal projections upon the stupidized and kept-dumb.)

We are stupidized, we are kept dumbed-down.

And the Left and Right farce keep us at odds; it’s a colonial technique!

The Left and Right-wings (whatever that truly means!!) are distractions to keep us divided, where it truly matters.

Radically bridging with the humanity held deeply and privately within even the most alienated of social and cultural manager…how can that be done? Why should they care?? Are they going to trust any of us??? Of course not! But that cannot stop us. We must respond with the bests of our creative intelligence, systematically; not allowing the trampling of human beings (INCLUDING THE WORST PLANNERS AND STRATEGISTS!); a “new”, mutually inspiring solidarity must happen!

This is what i’m putting my life on the line for. My life is nothing. i am a fool visionary given a gift to do art, so i have dropped out of playing the corporate carrot game and am seeking to seed sanity, radical’s radical sanity.

Take a look at what i’ve been up to. And try not to let your knee-jerk reaction knock you out:

to bridge-archy, to all of our most human/great-spirit’d ways of inspiring sanity in this world!

— On Tue, 5/17/11, Laura W. Murphy, ACLU wrote:

From: Laura W. Murphy, ACLU
Subject: Tell Congress: No worldwide war
To: spiritdude4@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011, 8:50 PM

Because Freedom Can’t Protect Itself
Dear Charles,

Tell Congress: No blank check for worldwide war.

Do not forward: This link will open a page with your information already filled in.
Did you hear about this? Literally in a midnight session last week, the House Armed Services Committee tucked a dangerous provision into the huge Defense authorization bill. With it, Congress took one more step towards passing a law for endless worldwide war. The new law would use American military forces against terrorism suspects everywhere and anywhere.

If you didn’t hear about this provision, you’re not alone.

It was added to the bill by Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.), and it could become the single biggest ceding of unchecked war authority to the executive branch in modern American history.

Outrageously, there have been no hearings on the worldwide war legislation, nor has its necessity been explained by Rep. Buck McKeon or anyone else in Congress.

A House vote could come as early as next week. Tell your representative: Oppose any law for a new worldwide war without end. (Do not forward: This link will open a page with your information already filled in.)

Unlike the legislation that authorized the Afghanistan War and the pursuit of Osama bin Laden, the proposed new and expanded law to go to war does not even require a specific threat of harm to the United States.

In fact, the proposed authorization would allow war wherever there are terrorism suspects in any country around the world without an expiration date, geographical boundaries, or connection to the 9/11 attacks or any other specific harm or threat to the United States.

Please take action right now. Tell your representative: Oppose any law for a new worldwide war without end.

It’s outrageous that, just as the majority of Americans eagerly await the ramping down of our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Congress is acting under the cover of darkness to pass a new law for a worldwide war.

Make it clear that we won’t stand still for Congress triggering a worldwide war without end. Contact your representative right now.

Thank you for standing with us.


Laura W. Murphy
Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office

© ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004


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