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Mobile Mess Art Gallery and Visionaries Visit KBOO to Inspire Folks

Live from da KBOO parking Lot!

rePortiNg from da KBOO parking Lot with tHe Pink Panted One

note: article put together in rough format within a confined time…

“We were informally Live from the KBOO parking Lot and we engaged in a little spontaneous great-spirit’d honoriNg and love!”

Two phreaque-y pholks recently stopped by to share their love and exuberance with some o’ the folks at KBOO HQ.

“I had just met a very powerful local wizard [aka tHe Pink-Panted One] on my way somewhere. He caught my attention and i couldn’t help but want to visit and meet him. Even tho i wasn’t even in my own regalia,” said A. Visionary today when we got to composing this report. What seemed to be another ordinary day in Portland turned out spontaneously into elated surprise for two folks who don’t often find kindred spirits.

“i hope i see him again, because i’d like to get to know him more. He is an amazing heart, a rare find, and an answer to a silent prayer i’d made to myself just the previous eve.”

They “hit it off” quite quick and went to listen to a magick boombox the latter carried. The latter, named Dirk, whom A.Visionary wants to call “tHe Pink-Panted One” as a way of honoriNg his openly-stated love of pink!

“Pretty soon Dirk wanted to take his bliss over to the nearby KBOO HQ and share some of his magick, so i tagged along. It’s been too long since i last dared art myself, but here was this local character LIVING his arting, apparently daily wearing his regalia.”

Whereas, A.Visionary is still a little too stuck in the surrounding Mundane Vibe.

“tHe Pink-Panted One totally helped me; he was like an angel, you know? He showed himself at an opportune moment, danced and shared his gifts for awhile, and then he was gone.”

The art(e) below shares that.

a local leading visionary dancing hiz great spirit!

“At least i was able to gift him some of my original color art(e) before he vanished!”

Art(e) which Visionary had done for Street Roots awhile back. (Want to see? Speak up!)

tHe Pink Panted One commenced to turning up his boombox and dancing and singing along with the words to the mostly 1970s songs.

“He was a likely quite untypical sight. Not ‘appropriate’ to typical routine-eers going about their lives in da City.”

“I think a lot of such routine-eers might judge him (and me) as being On Drugs, since our antics were so ‘Out There’.”

But A.Visioneer was able to articulate another way of seeing.

“Hey, we’re anxious; but there’s a context that no one seems to be able to conceive of. Hey, we’re challenging the dominating paradigm by wearing our art regalia and daring to be ourselves as we see fit! We’re wondering if/when the Overseers are going to turn up and Tell us whatever they need to unload on us, you know? And we’re also very sensitive to vibes from passerby; we care; that’s one of our gifts. We pick up on energies that pass us by even fleetingly. It’s one way NatuRe’s remnants of Who We Are tries to tell us about our power.”

Two men “over 40”, not going about Given routines and Roles is not a generally ‘appropriate’ scene even in a city that puts “Keep Portland Weird” bumperstickers on lots of places around town.

“Maybe we’re ‘too paranoid’ but in my view, i think a lot of people can’t help but ‘look us’ askance, and project some of the pain they’re experiencing in the meta of ‘Life In The City’. That’s one of our villagey powers too; we help people get in touch with these kinds of truths, if they have the integrity to experiment with playing with such concepts.”

After tHe Pink-Panted angel of a man vanished, A.Visionary got the notion to keep up that vibe with a little spontaneous creativity in the form of a new project he wants to work/play with: The Mobile Mess Art Gallery.

“People usually quickly pass by such a mess, and i intuit their {can’t think of the word}, and i find myself wanting to touch their heart in a different way than they expect.”

A.Visionary actually got some semi-elated responses.

“i was experimenting with how to slow them down more; i even went around the corner and left all my art and stuff there for awhile! With no-one ‘looking out’ for it.”

A way to walk through the Fear planted in us!

And he found some larger objects to work with: some foam and a pizza box.

“Those are definitely the direction i need to head into!”

Tune in next time for the latest in creative approaches (and commentary) to how Alienation, Inc. and it’s attending Fear has a way of arting everyone if they’re not careful.

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