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Input sought for caption on art

Hey, let’s see if it’s really worth doing this blog (as far as getting input from possible readers):

Do you have any ideas for what the main caption (in darker, heavy letters) might be? If your pick of text resonates with me enough, i’ll use it, and it might even get published in Street Roots (and possibly other papers too!)!

Critique and various comments also always welcome! Including heated dissent!

Note: If you can make out the penciled words that were formerly there (?), know that that angle needs to have another peice to go along with it to make “any sense at all”.


3 Responses to “Input sought for caption on art”

  1. RIP Van Winkle alias Asleep too long

  2. Call it “Not!” referring to the message on the big banner.

    • What are you referring to? i don’t see banners on my site…are you talking about art i put up? (maybe banners show up for you, but not me? What does the banner say??

      Glad you are reading.

      i hope El South is being goOd for you!

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