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Artists on their Leashes Dept: Pros and cons of visionary sharing: who and when?

Sure, i have my routine of praxis about “how to” approach folks with my visionary ideas and suchsort, and what might “work” (or play out). And i may well be WRONG. (After all, who am i reaching, and is it REALLY very powerful at all??) Then again, my intuition is built on some realities too; all based in a largely free-wheeling self-education of actual on-the-ground experience.

So when i read about guys like Dan Price, the hobo artist biker guy, and how he’s recently been shown on cnn.com (see the link near the right-side, bottom), i cringe. Why? Because, the underlying reality is that colonization, Inc. is not the friend of those who love to be and want to remain being free.

I’ve seen the same pattern before.

A poor guy gets his 30 seconds of fame, makes a little money (just to get by, of course), and the colonial system ends up closing just a little bit more for others. By making something more illegal, or controlled.

Dan’s story reminded me of a homeless guy who lived in a suburb of Ashland, OR (i think it was), and how he wrote a book about his life and stuff, and then, a few months later, having not conformed to status-quo impositions (of getting A Regular Job, Acceptable Housing, and so on), something happened that made it all illegal. In that small area, at least. Tho who knows if it got picked up by LOTS of suburban mindlocked-types who Hate the idea of “freeloaders” (or whatever other cynical label they have to apply) putting “bad ideas” into the heads of their charges, whether their rebellious teens or their business “resources”.

I don’t have anything to back this assertion up, tho, so you CAN just ignore my feelings on this. i don’t recall the book’s title, nor the place, nor anything except this bit of memory. Maybe you can supply more “concrete” examples, from stuff you’ve heard of this, along this line? i’d appreciate. For now, just bear with me, please; if you’re critically thinking at all, i think you’ll jibe with my alternative approach to this stuff.

Sure, we all want to be “recognized” (uh..re-cog-nized??), we all want to feel like we’re doing something crucial, and get pats on the back, socially. But are we REALLY looking at the choices we’re making when it comes to having ANY kind of contact with corporate mindlock and how their organizational structure and rigid hierarchical beliefs work to actually bog us down and tool us? (Oh, sure, their reps are very very nice, even good folks, but what we never see are those who tool them; their editors, and those who own the editors) Here, anarchist thinking can add to our awareness: From: Jason McQuinn’s ‘Against Organizationalism” article (note: replace “leftist” with “colonial”, and remember that this is neither Left Nor Right-wing stuck!)

Of course, when leftists leave the realm of rhetoric and enter the realm of practice, it becomes quite evident why the details of organization are usually left unspecified. It's easy to say that unorganized or disorganized people probably won't have much success pursuing large, complex projects. But when the form of organization actually proposed calls for a “transmission-belt” structure with an explicit division between leaders and led, along with provisions to discipline rank and file members while shielding leaders from responsibility to those being led, more than a few people wise up to the con game and reject it.

Basically, we claim we’re “critical thinking” but we don’t see how deeply our programming affects us and the communities we claim to want to be building! And if we don’t “wise-up”, we’ll find ourselves getting bogged down in all of these false-starts, all of these ways which end up breaking our original spirit and turning us into the exact kind of “lost soul” which we intuitively want to evolve from!!

We don’t see that we’ve been programmed to think that if we get “noticed” by the “Big Time” Then We’ll Finally Be Something! And Counted! We’ll have STATUS! And our mothers will finally get off our backs for being “Very Naughty Irresponsible Children”, etc. etc.! (isn’t THAT the bottom line?!??)

i say it’s “high time” we Just Say No to ALL of corporate media, including their fronts and wannabes!

i say we do like “the more intelligent members of society” (recall the military community) and say “no comment” and maybe add something like, “i’m taking this story to Indymedia, thank you very much.”

THEN we’re building on more authentic, long-lasting community. Not perfect, yes, but with MUCH MORE potential than anything corporate/colonial media can dish. That is, if we’ve learned anything from her/history!


And while you’re at it, take a look at the design methods and etcetera of these slick-looking new websites that are now promoting letting us “share” our “solutions” and our “possible futures” –and run with YOUR OWN angles! If they’re going to mine us, the least we can do is mine them rite back, while not getting stuck in the hoops that their game sticks them down in!

Maybe there’s nothing we can do (online) about corporate tools coming along and mining our visionary ideas so that they can re-jump-start their little careers (for awhile, anyway) and GET PAID to perpetuate colonial stupidity. And maybe we’re just going to have to “tough it out” while they mine us.

But the bottom line for me is, are we fooling ourselves by playing along with the program, or are we helping to build seriously beautiful foundations for the sanity we seek?

Two corporate-front-looking websites to look closely at:

Pachamama Alliance http://www.pachamama.org :Looks like something really really neat, but is that fancy new PR hype? After all the hype has worn off, do we then get the old routine of professional-led control at “symposiums”? Do we Nice artist-types get to be managed and pushed into support-roles only?? While The Nice Indigenous folks (not “bad” upstarts like anti-colonials?) get all the Very Friendly(tm) Help! And what’s this about “something to believe in” (see up there by the call for videos)?? If they’re so indigenous conscious (and i recall one of their links, the Green Festival in San Francisco, which surprisingly included John Trudell, quite uncensored), why do they reproduce colonial-type thinking? Re: to “believe” is to remain passive, as a Lakota wisdom keeper has shared. Is the use of such words then a mere tactic to bridge with what they *believe* is The Only Way to Reach would-be colonizer types? …And all the while no real liberation, much less MUTUAL liberation! Eh?

Think i’m MISTAKEN?? sPEAK up! Maybe i’m just a damned blow-hard who’s WAY OFF TARGET HERE!!!!?! Maybe it’s time YOU put me BACK IN MY PLACE!!!!?

A nice article about Dan, as mentioned above; but underlying it? They’re promoting and selling. They want a seat at the table. They want to be Successful. They want profits. Are they really someone we creatives should trust in any way??



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