da Visionary Report
join us for evolutions of radical's radical sanity in process! (to go to the root of the root, a.k.a. the HEART!)

artiNg ourseLves for humanity’s bests!

(continued from indymedia link, i.e. see: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/01/405546.shtml ) Note: this article has been edited on short notice, so if it doesn’t flow really smoothly, sorry!

to art ourselves or let others art us, THAT is the question!

Sometimes things get really intense in a most strange sort of way. This is how our visionary explains it:

“I’ve been cut off from the ancestral wisdom of utilizing these forms of interacting, so it’s like i’m kind of ‘re-inventing the wheel’ so to speak. You go into this alternative approach to reality and some strange magick comes out. But I’m putting my life on the line and I know it, so I experiment with truth anyway. Somebody’s gotta do it, you know?!”

Our visionary has experienced some potentially extremely heavy things as well as some surprisingly light stuff. If you read his webpage (www.angelfire.com/folk/magixnartz/flouggindex.html) you can read some examples.

“Take the time in Boston when another (besides me) wingnut tried to raise my hackles with bluffs towards fighting. He was playing me to see how deep i was. He was testing me, like some people have to, because they don’t trust any other way, I think.

“Another time I was in a college town in Wisconsin. Whoa, that was a total trip! Total. I was near the beginning of my walk and had just crossed a semi-busy street in the college neighborhood and I suddenly saw a guy swinging a big chain approaching a woman with a baby carriage! With me a ways behind…

“You’d think if he thought i was ‘the big bad wolf’ or something” (that is, his outfit could’ve fit that scenario, even tho it wasn’t his intention), “that he wouldn’t have swung that chain until after he passed her! But he swung it, and I felt really bad because I didn’t tackle that fool or something before he got near her!

“And when he got to me, I looked him in the eye, and braced to get slammed, but it didn’t happen. Way crazy, like I said. But I was carrying a very powerful spirit sign, something along the lines of REALIZE THE VALUE OF BEING RADICALLY BEAUTIFUL WITH EACH OTHER. And maybe he saw it and it tripped him out just enough for the great mystery to let me get through that one, I don’t know.”

That was part of why he moved away from the mask angle, tho realizing it still had its uses (for certain situations). Those are very rare things that happen; most of the time it’s just as you might not expect: people being obviously moved in a positive, inspiring way. Anyway, he’s experienced much worse, so such things feel like some sort of test more than threats that he should shrink back from.

“Our art has power, and that mask angle definitely had a power.”

It’s now history, dismantled, tho could be made again, if needed, he says.

“It’s more of a tool for heavy intensities building up, but not yet flowering, I now realize. Or for letting off heavy steam and getting the attention of folks who have been thrown wayyy off-balance. Such as at night on a weekend when I’m feeling folks are needing that kind of injection into their otherwise deadening same old norms.

“But i’ve been experimenting in the dark so to speak. Unsure about how intense i should do my art in the ways i’ve been doing it. It’s been a learning experience, with a learning curve!”

“Standing up outside of the corralls of everyday life isn’t maybe for everyone. You are going cosmic in some ways–going into the Unknown.

“Many have told me to ‘shut up’ and run (away from this so-stupidized society), but some of us are going to utilize the gifts we’ve been given, we’re not going to wait for someone else –whom may never show up; some of us are going to go out and do our “perfectly imperfect” because it makes our lives that much more inspiring!

“We’re not going into the oblivion of the paradigm we’re intuitively being hurt by” [if not outrightly being hurt by!] “…without some form of putting forth of our bests, you knowwhati’msayin’? A way of being that can be a way to move if we don’t want to walk in the hellish of Everyday War!”

Also known as a personal spiritual path this veteran visionary says.

“Most of the time people are really surprised, I think, because I’m not advertisin’ some b.s. or pushing religion. They don’t know what to make of it. And of late since i been honoring local indigenous folks with this flowery bandolier-like wrap-around, I think people are not falling back immediately on their programming.”

Programming towards a fear response.

So, he’s been experimenting with how to get around people’s tendency to fear, to close up, to not be able to hear a fellow human being with their hearts. And to gift them stuff, like “depth” flyers (which, amongst other critical thinking info, share ways to find more meaningful community, such as via http://www.ic.org) or zines he’s been putting out.

“My intuition is saying that a lot of people are tending to believe that nothing’s going to happen unless force is pushed, you know? So they’re getting more and more iced-over, chilly.”


“And I’m responding with the bests, in process, of my ability. My response ability. And I think I’m reaching people. I’m regularly getting “sparkles” from people’s eyes. You can’t quantify it, but you feel it. And that makes it all worthwhile!”


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