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De-corralling our Art dept: an enchant’d art show in the woods

One artist’s attempt to explore beyond the corralls of empire via an art show in the woods while also drawing attention to truths he’s experienced about them being quite enchanted. Following is a rough draft of his ideas and stuff.

“I publicized this show only locally at first because i wanted to reflect on that value –kind of ‘quality not quantity’. I’m still debating on opening this angle up to a larger crowd.”

“I want to reach people differently and experiment outside of things like “professionalism” and how art ‘must’ always be presented –i.e. via specialists trained to think in certain confining ways.

“I also want to bring people into the idea that we could complement and honor forests allowed to grow only large enough until they are then slated for exploitation –aka reduced into commodities. In that, is the idea of re-enchantifying public forests while also finding surprisingly inspiring reflections for ourselves and our lives. Many womyn know this, but living in a macho world may seldom speak up.

“There’s a lot of magick’L enchantment in the woods already, but i’m thinking of Ken Carey’s approach [in _Return of the Bird Tribes_ ] where humans’ purpose here on our Earth can be seen as complementing the magick already here. So, in the 30 or 40 years that most of these forests are allowed to grow before being cut down again, and their lands ravaged, we marginalized types might find crucial medicine here” said the self-styled ‘beneath the underground’ artist, who has been experiencing camping out in the forest for a good long while now.

“That none of the art is protected (some are originals) in ‘normal’ ways, is part of my interest. How will they be interacted with? I returned the next day after putting this all up and one had already been chewed on by a local.” –Four-legged one or Sasquatch silliness?

Here are several pieces used in the sho. They were left to experience the enchanting ways of this area. There were about 15 pieces in all. We’ve as yet not returned to see how things have been changed, but you can be sure we’ll be documenting it when we do.

(this article is becoming slowly)

entrance detail with natural and visitor art

note the pistol-like wood; found this while walking thru the woods to the exact space i had scouted via another way!


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