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Martial challengers aikido’d in rural MN town

This situation happened a few months back and i’ve been meaning to write it up for awhile now.

I was waiting late at night at a transit station in a rural, mid-sized town, when i looked up to see a masked person approaching from the dark, along with a non-masked youth. A Latino (?) man was walking in front of them and was on the phone. He seemed a bit wary. I thought about asking if he was alright, but didn’t.

Next thing i know, these two guys (one wearing a mask from “v for vengeance”) approached me, one cracking his knuckles as if expecting a similar type of macho-like reaction.

Well, my practicings of “the crucial arts” paid off that night!

i simply ignored their apparent intent and began engaging them as i have long been engaging diverse sorts of folks. And ended up “bridging” with them quite excellently, if i may say so myself!

Even inspired them, i think, with the idea of wearing that mask WHILE carrying a sign reading “Free Hugs”.

Both were teenagers, i’d guess. One, un-masked, said he was 17. i decided they were typical youths being programmed for war (at home and where-ever else their “betters” seek). Utilizing my “creative intelligence” i pivoted away from reacting as they seemed to want me to react (in fear), and did a little creative “aikido”, i guess. Not seeking to hoodwink them, but inspire them beyond the same old stupidized approaches to finding adventure in an otherwise sedated town.

Perhaps i’ll give more details later.

Question: have you experienced such challenge and have anecdotes to share? Feel free to add them to the comments section and i’ll try to get them posted asap.


One Response to “Martial challengers aikido’d in rural MN town”

  1. Fascinating…great job interacting with these fellows and turning this into a positive encounter!

    Mystic One

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